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Butternut & Sweet potato soup (GF + vegan)

For an even tastier vegan and gluten-free butternut and sweet potato soup, I roast the vegetables in the oven to concentrate the flavors. To do this, simply cut the vegetables without peeling them on an oven tray, then 40 minutes later, blend! The result is a richly-flavoured velouté with a minimum of preparation time.


Butternut is a low-calorie squash with many benefits. It's rich in potassium, phosphorus and calcium, and a source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C.


Because of its color, the sweet potato is a food rich in vitamins and minerals, unlike the classic potato. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins A, B6 and C, and contain copper and manganese.

Butternut & Sweet potato soup (GF + vegan)


  • 1 butternut, approx. 1.2 kg

  • about 500 g sweet potato

  • 1 head garlic

  • 1 yellow onion


  1. Prepare the vegetables: cut the butternut in half and scoop out the seeds - cut the sweet potato(s) in half.

  2. Arrange the butternut and sweet potatoes face down on a baking sheet. Add the unpeeled onion and head of garlic.

  3. Bake at 175°C for 40 minutes, or until you can stick the tip of a knife into each vegetable.

  4. Once cooked, scoop out the butternut and sweet potatoes with a spoon and place the flesh in a blender. Add the garlic cloves and skinned onion. Blend until you obtain a smooth velouté with no lumps. Don't hesitate to add a little water if you want a more liquid velouté.

  5. Serve your velouté with a drizzle of oil, chopped parsley or fresh coriander, toasted seeds...



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