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Hi ! I am Laure.


Coaching nutrition detox bien-être

Graduated from a Hotel School, then a Business School, I first worked in IT for many years before training in nutrition and well-being at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) from New York. I am also a Mindfulness Teacher certified from Bangor University in UK and the Centrum Voor Mindfulness in Amsterdam.

After many years with small health issues for which I covered the symptoms with medication without ever looking for the real cause, until the day these little issues took over my daily well-being. I began to observe, learn and understand the elements that had a direct impact on my overall health. Gradually, I established new healthy and positive habits that I would be unable to get rid of today. These years of experimentation to understand what makes me the best version of myself have allowed me to lay the foundations of A Simple Life.

Today, I explore all the elements that contribute to well-being and health. I completed my initial training with a specialization in gut health and detox at IIN and I use my initial training in Hotel School to create healthy and balanced plant based recipes. I explore the synergies between these areas to offer an unprecedented range of services, all of which focus on well-being.

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